A Heart Warming trilogy by Jeff Hawksworth

Graham Parsons is a man ordinaire whose well-ordered life is changed beyond measure when he witnesses the manslaughter of a 7 year old boy, Christopher. Whilst holding the dying child he experiences a profound out of body experience and minutes later suffers a life threatening attack, leaving him with permanent disabilities.

His recovery brings with it a telepathic connection with children who need help, an affinity that threatens his sanity, marriage and eventually his life. His tale of discovery begins with a fearful and confused denial which takes him to the edge of reason until eventually, he accepts and employs his remarkable gift with a charming pragmatism that disarms doubters and helps to salvage blighted young lives.

These three books chronicle the shocking, moving and yet sometimes heart-warming episodes in his new life.


The Friday morning coffee club members were baby boomers; typical of their generation.

Two members, Annie and Sue were searching for a property in France when they were introduced to Anton Michaud. A very pleasant Cognac distiller; with a very unpleasant banker who was threatening to foreclose.

My Dead Friend Terry

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After twenty nine years as an independent financial adviser, I thought I knew enough to get by. My clients had, for the most part, enjoyed steady and relatively low risk growth to their portfolios, as had mine...


A heart-warming and sometimes startling tale based on a Midlands farm in the last century

. . ."but there's something else as well. Grandma had a box at the foot of her bed, which she used as a linen chest. It's a bit tatty; she covered it with a rug, but it looks a bit like the one in your picture.

Carpenter's Gift

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Arnie Osborne is a sixty eight year old florist, and alone, save for the beautiful companions in his shop. The business is barely viable, thanks to the superstores and would have disappeared long ago if it hadn’t
been so close to the hospital.

He knows he has cause to feel bitter, but then there are the children. The ones who don’t realise they’re about to be orphaned, knowing only that they want to take a gift in with them. It is enough to keep him going, to justify dragging his creaky old bones out of bed each morning.

Until he has the nightmare.

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